Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This is more of an environmental post, but it's still something every vegan should think about.

Even if you've never tried it, you've probably at least heard of composting.  It is something that more and more people are doing.  Composting can cut way down on the garbage and thus decrease the amount of things that end up sitting in a large pile at the landfill.

How do you compost, you ask?  Easy, peasy!

1. Get or build a simple container.  You can even make it out of chicken wire.

2. Get the ingredient mix right.  Compost piles should have a mix of brown and green material.

3. Take care of your compost pile.  Run little shovel through it and mix it around every week or two to keep it "fresh."

Since I am a compost newb, here is a link to a site that goes more in depth about how to compost:


And here are some images that tell you what you can put in your compost pile and WHY you should compost.

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