Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stir Fry!

If you know me,you know I love a good stir-fry, especially a spicy one!  So, on this {mostly} photographed post - I present my supper from the other night that I promised I would take photos of! 

(There is more than enough to feed to or three people - or make into leftovers!)




Friday, August 21, 2015

Trail Mix Time

When I was thinking about this blog post, for some reason, the song "Peanut Butter Jelly Time," popped into my head.  But don't worry - there's no jelly in this trail mix! 

What you need:
1/4 lb of peanuts
1/4 lb of almonds
1/4 lb of walnuts
1/4 lb of sliced pistachios
1/2 lb of raisins
1/2 lb craisins
1/2 lb of dried bananas or cherries (or both if you like)
1 bag of vegan chocolate chips

Mix ingredients together in large bowl, then store in airtight container.  You can mix it into small bags or containers as well if you'll be bringing it with you for lunch or a trip.  The beauty of trail mix is that it travels so well you can bring it anywhere!  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thai Orchid

If you are a vegan living in or traveling to the Fargo/Moorhead area, stopping at the Thai Orchid is a must!  It is easily one of my favorite restaurants around.  Good food, with big enough plates to give you leftovers. 

When you go, be sure to try the spring rolls!  Totally awesome, totally vegan. 

If you love your food spicy, get yourself some Evil Jungle Noodle.  It's got rice noodles, bell peppers, carrots, bean sprouts, bamboo, coconut milk, and thai red curry.  It's amazing and sure to fill you up. 

In addition to those items, which are my faves, they also have Tom Kah soup, Tom Yum soup, Thai Salad, Somtum salad, Pad Basil, and a whole host of other great items that are or can be made vegan!  Just make sure you remind them not to use fish sauce! 

If you decide to pay the Thai Orchid a visit, you won't regret it.  Great restaurant, great staff, great food!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Veggie Buddha Bowl!

This is something that I love love love making!  It's delicious and healthy! 

What you need:
1/2 c brown rice
1 medium potato
1 carrot
1 c chopped broccoli
1 T Earth Balance

Cook the brown rice in a medium sized pot.  While the rice is cooking, cut the potato into slices.  Cut each slice in 4.  Peel and cut the carrot.  Chop the broccoli.  Place the earth balace in a skillet and heat.  Once heated, put the potatoes, carrots and broccoli in the skillet and cook until tender. 

Once brown rice and veggies are cooked, mix in a bowl and enjoy! 

This will easily serve 2 (unless you're really hungry!)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Navigating small town {vegan} life

If you've ever lived in or visited a small town, you know that vegans and vegetarians can often have a hard time finding food to eat.  They may find that everyone else in the town they live in or visit eats meat.  That can be frustrating.  But, have no fear: As someone familiar with the challenges, I am here to do a little "hometown" talk about finding options when you live in or visit a small town.  Consider is a "preview" of what my travel ventures will be like once I get my journey on the road and go to other places!

So, having grown up in and spent a lot of time in Fosston, a small town in Minnesota, I'm gonna talk about that area, and give all you other small town people's some idea. 

#1: If you ever visit a small town in Minnesota, don't be afraid to tell people what you don't eat.  People in small town Minnesota will probably look at you like you are crazy, because they all eat meat.  But they will be nice to you!  I mean, seriously.  If you stop at a restaurant, and they just have salad available for vegans - that's okay.  Just let 'em know you don't want them with eggs or shredded cheese and you'll be good.

#2: You probably won't be able to go to a grocery store in a small town and find fake meats or nut milks, but you will find lots of good produce, tons of farmers markets, and some decent vegan sauce things if you snoop around.  If you ever find yourself traveling through the small town of McIntosh, Minnesota, go to the Mac Country Store (located on Highway 2 by the rooster) and get some nut milk there!  They also have Thai Red curry - who can pass that up?!

#3: Don't be afraid to stop on towns like Bemidji, Grand Forks, Crookston, or other "big cities" in the area.  If you don't live in Minnesota, and have no plans to travel there, you can substitute the names of the "big" cities in your state.  These places are usually full of Wal-Marts, Targets, or - in the case of Bemidji - food coops like Harmony, that sell all manner of vegan faux meats and other options.  When you get a chance to actually go to a "big city" in the area, it's a great chance to stock up!

#4: Avoid fast food restaurants in small towns.  Chances are, they fry EVERYTHING in animal fat, including the french fries.  So, if you were in the mood for a salty treat, that would be out.  You're better off going to a grocery store and getting a bag of chips to satisfy your salty craving.

#5: If, during your stay in small towns, you find you want a drink, have no fear: Pretty much every small town has a liquor store with enough booze for even vegans to find something they can drink!  So, even if you are just passing through - you can find a 6 pack or some vegan liquor to make your day!