Monday, July 29, 2013

Eating out...

Okay, show of hands: How many of you love to eat out?  Come on, I know you're out there!  Yep, I like eating out, too.  Here's the thing though, eating out can really add up!

Let's say that you go out with you husband or wife or girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or on a date with the cutie who lives next door to you.  You figure, hey this'll be fun!  Eating out with someone I like (and eating out can be a social experience, after all.)

So, you get to a restaurant that you both like that also happens to serve great vegetarian and vegan food.  You think, "Hey, an appetizer would be nice."  So you spend, let's say, $7 on your appetizer.  Your order a bottle of wine because you think it'll go well with supper.  The bottle cost $16.  Then you order your supper.  Let's say that you order an entree that costs $12.99 and your date orders an entree that costs $11.99.  Let's add that up:

Appetizer: $7.00
Wine: $16.00
Entree 1: $12.99
Entree 2: $11.99

Total: $47.99

Adding in tax, you've just eaten a meal that costs roughly $50.  Now, you add a tip, because the waitress did a good job and you're feeling generous.  So, you give her $10.  That means you just spent $60 on a meal out.  That's a lot of money, right?

Now, let's assume that the average single person living alone is like me: You spend about 40 to 60 a week on groceries.  If you have two people at home, I think that it's safe to assume that jumps to roughly 80 to 100 a week on food.  If you have kids, you probably spend 150 to 200 a week on food depending on how many kids you have and how much they eat (because, really some kids seem to have a hollow leg don't they?)

So, unless your Bill Gates, you probably don't have tons and tons of money to spend on eating out a lot.  It also takes money out of what you could be spending on food to cook at home!

So, save yourself a dime, go to the grocery store and cook at home!  It'll taste great, and you'll save some money.

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